Success Story - Prime Tutor

I always wanted to do something in the creative field, be it product design or fashion. However, I did not know that there were such places in India where I could work alongwith the best in the field and make a name for myself. PRIME was instrumental in helping me identify such colleges and the modus operandi of preparing for the entrance exams to these colleges. The amount of effort that they put in by harping on each and every detail associated with each section of the entrance test is just unparalleled. I would especially like to thank Debashis Sir for his support.

I did not know what I wanted to become in life when I entered Class XII. But, my friends in school were going gung-ho about this place PRIME which was so much fun that they couldn't just wait to go there on the weekends. As luck would have it, I tagged along. The counsellors there analyzed my strengths, weaknesses and my interest level and guided me towards a career in design. I enrolled for the course and the rest, as they say, is history!

If ever there is a place in Kolkata which can selflessly guide each student towards getting into India's best design colleges, it has to be PRIME. To be honest, I was apprehensive before joining the place even though my friends in school were giving rave reviews of the teachers there and their content. But, all my doubts were laid to rest, the moment my first class began. I knew that if I could just match the efforts the entire ecosystem at PRIME was putting behind me, I would, no doubt, earn a name for my family and myself. That moment came when my CLAT results were declared and I ranked 13th across the nation. I really don't know where would I be without the support of my teachers at PRIME.

PRIME has been instrumental in shaping my life and ensuring that I stayed focued on my goal of getting into India's best law colleges. To be honest, I was very tense on the eve of my CLAT exam but the extraordinary belief that my teachers reposed in me ensured that I aced the CLAT and made it to unarguably India's best law college - NLSIU, Banglaore. There has never been a day when I forget to thank my teachers in PRIME for sticking with me throughout and reposing their faith in me.

The whole journey - Right from the moment I set foot into the PRIME campus in Sarat Bose Road to my NIFT campus in Delhi has been like a dream come true. The teachers and all the admin staff at PRIME have become my family members and it seems I can approach them at any moment in my life, should I need them. I thank the almighty for giving me PRIME in my life!


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