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Is It Worth Taking a Year Drop to Prepare for CLAT?

Is It Worth Taking a Year Drop to Prepare for CLAT?

CLAT is one of India’s most prestigious law entrance tests. For pursuing your dream of building a career in law, it is essential to clear CLAT with a good score. The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national entrance exam for undergraduate (UG) admissions administered by 21 National Law Universities across the country.

Every year, thousands of students appear for this exam. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to take every decision after much thinking and analysis. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking a year drop while preparing for the CLAT examination:


Revision: Students who drop out have the option to improve their preparation by revising more. This is especially useful for students for whom the preparation time is insufficient, as is often the case due to the extensive syllabus. Not only do you get a second chance at preparation, but you also get to learn from your performance in the previous exam.

Realistic Goals: The past examination performance gives students an understanding of their preparation and how bettering their performance can effectively shift their rank in a positive direction. Once you’ve determined what level of effort corresponds to what rank, you can work to improve it and obtain your ideal rank.

No Compromises: Instead of settling for a less desirable college, students who are confident in their potential have the opportunity to enroll in top institutions along with changing the course of their careers. One more year of effort won’t matter if it means getting into the top institute if you are certain and secure of your passion and ability.

Extra Skills: Students carry a lot of responsibilities with themselves. We often believe that if we had more free time, we could learn new life skills. Taking a year off allows you to learn a variety of life skills such as singing, swimming, playing instruments, and a variety of other things. This will not only help improve your talents and abilities but will also rejuvenate you and provide mental comfort.


365 Days Lost: The reason you should not consider skipping a year is that a year of study is significantly more valuable than your realization. The year you want to devote to getting a better college education can be spent on internships and practical learning. Dedicating a year to your studies is always preferable and helps in keeping your academic record clean and removes doubts about your regularity.

Feeling of Isolation: A year dedicated solely to studying may cause you to become disconnected from your friends and family. It may make you feel isolated and confined. We see students withdrawing from social activities because they are constantly worried that they are misusing their time.

Diversion from Goal: We may believe that one year is sufficient time to thoroughly study the subjects, but in many cases, this abundance of time is often counterproductive; students become confused, waste time, become lazy, and their performance suffers as a result. They might start over-analyzing things and change their goals.

Stress & Pressure: Despite the fact that you are preparing for something better and giving it your all, you may start having doubts about yourself. During your gap year, you will see your classmates and friends in colleges while you are at home, being bombarded with inquiries about your career from family and other close relatives. All of this causes stress and may affect your performance. You may have doubts about your choices and ability.

While taking a gap year is not suitable for all, you may, however, drop only if you are highly motivated, and especially if you are certain that your present performance is not your best.

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