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Last Minute Checklist for NID by Prime Tutor

Last Minute Checklist for NID by Prime Tutor

Every year, the NID Design Aptitude Test for Master of Design (MDes) and Bachelor of Design (BDes) programs is conducted in January in around 23 locations across India. It is a 3-hour examination. There are two steps to qualify- NID DAT (Prelims), a written test, accompanied by NID DAT (Mains), that includes a Studio Assessment and an Interview session.

Essential Things to Remember:

Applicants should remember to bring a few essential items for the NID DAT examination. The following is a list of the important items to bring to the NID DAT exam centers.

  • Admit Card: It is essential for candidates to bring their NID DAT admit card as well as a valid identification card to the examination centers. Without an admit card, no applicant will be able to access the NID DAT examination centers. They must bring any one of the following identification cards:
    • Passport
    • Voters ID card
    • PAN card
    • Driving license
    • Aadhaar card
    • Student ID card issued by current school/college
  • Stationary: Applicants are required to bring their own writing materials. The following are examples of the stationary objects that applicants can bring to the examination centers:
    • Ruler
    • Sharpener
    • Eraser
    • Dry colours (oil pastels/colour pencils/sketch pens, etc.)
    • Lead pencils (of varying grades)
    • Black ballpoint pen (to mark answers in the OMR sheet)
  • Participants must additionally provide a completed self-declaration document to the institution due to the current outbreak of COVID-19. When obtaining the admission card, aspirants can check and download the COVID-19 self-declaration document.
  • Additional Essentials: Applicants are allowed to bring an individual transparent hand sanitizer lotion and a personal transparent bottle of water into the exam.

Smartwatches, mobile phones, and any other electrical gadget are prohibited in the exam room. If any of these are discovered, the individual will be asked to leave the room.

Last-Minute Tips for NID Examination:

The NID DAT written examination paper will include problems that will assess applicants’ understanding, analytical capabilities, problem-solving abilities, inventiveness, and their level of knowledge. The last-minute tips for NID DAT 2022 are mentioned below.

  1. Practice sketching: Applicants are required to pursue and improve basic sketching concepts since this will aid individuals in solving the sketching problems.
  2. Specify a time limit to each discussion: Participants are given a certain amount of time to finish the test. Participants must put aside a specific amount of time to respond to each issue and segment. At the very least, set aside 15-20 minutes at the end of the examination to go through the answers. It is important to increase the speed in order to complete the examination. 
  3. Stay ahead with the recent events: It is not important to cram each book of General Knowledge. Keeping updated with recent events is more important. Aspirants must keep up to date by reading newspapers on a daily basis. 
  4. Go through sample papers: Try to solve as many practice papers and last year’s NID Exam question papers as possible. Candidates will be able to formulate a plan for how they wish to approach answering the NID DAT question paper on the examination day as a result of this endeavor.
  5. Remain strong and collected: It is important for the candidates to stay confident and collected throughout their entire examination journey. They must understand that the only weapon they can help them qualify for the NID DAT examination is self-belief. Aspirants are likely to feel worried during the assessment, therefore it’s important to stay cool to prevent making silly mistakes. Maintain your confidence so that your mind can perform as efficiently as possible. Panic and anxiety will only exacerbate the problem; thus, it is recommended to remain cool and assured.
  6. Maintain a healthy physical and mental state: It is critical for the aspirants to have sufficient sleep in order to effectively qualify for the NID DAT examination. Aspirants should set their books down for a few hours before the entrance examination to allow their brains to rest. Before the exam, applicants should consume light, healthy food and get enough rest. They should not stress out at the last minute of the examination. 

Candidates are likely to experience tension, and nervousness as the exam approaches. If applicants fall into any test-taking fallacies, their pre-planned exam approach and steady endeavor may go astray. Aspirants must prevent the frequent error that learners make when they are stressed during an examination. Implementing this Last-Minute Checklist for NID and the NID DAT guidelines would undoubtedly aid you in achieving better outcomes. Last but not least, it is critical that the applicants have an optimistic outlook.

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