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NIFT Preparation Strategy by Prime Tutor

NIFT Preparation Strategy by Prime Tutor

Every year, nearly 22,000 aspirants appear for the entrance exam for undergraduate admissions. Out of these, around 7,700 candidates are able to crack it. Nearly 2,400 seats are allotted to the candidates on merit basis. Due to this cut throat competition, you need to follow an effective preparation strategy to CRACK NIFT Entrance Exam.

Upgrade Observation & Visualization Skills: The most crucial purpose of the test is to gauge your creative and imaginative skills. Apart from that, the questions are framed in order to judge your general awareness, observation skills and visualization as well. There’s a myth among students that only good sketching is essential to score high. This is not true, as developing the aforementioned skills are equally important.

Improve Speed: Having exceptional drawing skills and creativity are useless if you don’t have speed. The whole idea is to be able to present your imagination and uniqueness in a limited time.

Solve Sample Papers: Practice sample papers as much as you can. This will give you an idea about the types of questions that will be asked. You will know the overall difficulty level of the entrance test as well. Moreover, this will add in increasing your speed to a great extent.

Look into one’s weaker segments and try to work on those.

 Plan out daily sessions to nourish the skills.

 Solving previous years’ papers will certainly be icing on the cake.

Polish Your General Awareness: It is not necessary to cram each and every GK book. Awareness about current happenings is more important. For this below pointers will be kept in mind:

  • Making habit of reading newspapers
  • Knowing about the famous designers, who have contributed in this challenging field.
  • Spending time on reading fashion & design books/magazines. Make sure that no area is left out.

Don’t Waste Time In Erasing & Redrawing: In the limited duration, make sure that you do not waste time in erasing and redrawing, which most of the candidates do. To ensure this, it is recommended to draw with a light hand, first focusing majorly on outlining only. After getting satisfied with the rough outline and dimensions, one can start with the detailing work and finalize it. Advising the candidates on improving their drawing skills .

Watch YouTube videos on sketching, design creations and color applications for improvising on existing skills. Remember, uniqueness in representations is the key to success.”

Be Innovative: Being unconventional to use imagination and original ideas to create something is a prerequisite to clear this exam. One should have the ability to come up with unique ideas to design something new. CAT and GAT will evaluate unique way of thinking.

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