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Why is Self Study Important for CLAT Preparation

Why is Self Study Important for CLAT Preparation

Everything cannot be learnt and remembered from classroom lectures. For entrance exams like CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), you need to prepare yourself correctly to crack it on the first go. It’s true that classroom lectures will help but because there are no magic formulas guaranteeing success, you need to self-study as well. Self-study will help you understand the subjects deeply and the more time you spend learning the subjects, the more you’ll be competent sitting for the examination.

It’s true that self-study requires a lot of hard work and dedication on your part, but motivating yourself to learn by yourself is the best thing you can do to crack exams like CLAT.

As a pioneer in coaching and guiding students to crack CLAT exams, PRIMETUTOR.IN brings you the importance and benefits of self-studying for CLAT preparation.

Better Understanding

Do you completely understand and remember everything that is being taught in classes? The answer for most students will be a big ‘No.’ Thus, after a teacher explains a subject in the classroom, you must find yourself enough time to go through them on your own. This self-study that you’ll do will help you in a better understanding of the subject. Moreover, you can figure out the portions that you are having difficulty with and the portions that you find easy. You can then form queries and ask your teachers for a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Effective Learning

Students often have the query: how to crack CLAT exams? And our answer always is to learn deeply and effectively. Now, to learn deeply, you have to be engaged with the subject and what better way of doing that than self-study?

Self-studying helps you stay engaged with the topic for long hours which not only helps in learning effectively but also helps in retaining the topic for long and you can easily recall it in your CLAT exam.

Discovering More

As you study yourself, you’ll have a lot of questions and that will drive you to dig deeper and discover and learn more about the subject that you didn’t know earlier. In effect, this will result in learning more about the subject and preparing yourself more comprehensively for the exam.

Solidifies Your Learning

Self-studying not only helps students learn more, but it also helps in solidifying the basics. Self-learning is an important skill that enables the students to learn without depending on the teacher. Don’t get us wrong here. We are not saying that learning from teachers is unnecessary. In fact, there is no replacement for learning from teachers. But at the same time, self-study is also important. Solving a problem by yourself without any help is not only more rewarding but also helps in a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

More Confidence

When you learn a topic by yourself, you’ll have a better understanding of the subject and its nuances. You’ll learn by yourself without any help and that will give you a sense of confidence in what you’ve learnt. Also, as you understand the subject better, you’ll have no apprehension regarding the CLAT exam.

Develops Interest

In contrast to classroom teaching, where the teachers teach and leave, which can result in a lack of inquisitiveness in many students, in self-study, you’ll be deeply engaged with the subjects for long periods which will result in curiosity and develop an interest in the subjects you learn. Developing this interest will naturally result in quick and effective learning because we tend to learn more easily about the topics we are interested in.

Self-paced Learning

Self-studying allows you to learn at your own pace in your own time and schedule. Though to crack CLAT, you need to maintain a schedule but that would be according to your own choice. So, self-studying will not disrupt your daily routine and at the same time, you can learn more effectively.


Studying for and cracking CLAT is not an easy task. You have to devote enough time and energy to grasp the subjects and prepare well for this entrance exam. Apart from what you learn in the class, you’ll also do well if you devote time to self-study the subjects. This will not only result in a better and deeper understanding of the subjects but will also help you gain confidence which is so important to appear for and crack CLAT.

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