1 Listening

  • Think about the context before you listen and identify the type of information you will need to listen for
  • Read the questions before you hear the text and use the time between each section to prepare for the following section

2 Reading

  • Use reading skills such as skimming and scanning – you will need to use these skills to answer all the questions in 1 hour
  • Know how best to approach each type of reading task
  • Answer the questions and transfer their answers to the answer sheet within the time allowed

3 Writing

  • Analyse the question carefully and plan the answer before starting to write
  • Keep in mind the reader and the purpose when writing
  • Structure your writing logically and clearly
  • Decide on a position and use examples and evidence to support points they make in task 2

4 Speaking

  • Feel confident and try to relax and enjoy the conversation with the examiner
  • Listen carefully to the questions
  • Use fillers and hesitation devices if you need ‘thinking time’ before answering
  • Realise it is your language level not your opinions which are being evaluated

5 General Tips

  • Be familiar with the format and types of tasks in the different sections of the IELTS test
  • Know what is expected of you and how best to approach each section
  • Be aware of the time allowed for each section and include timed practice
  • Read the instructions carefully and follow them
  • Be familiar with the assessment criteria

 These tips are relevant to both paper-based and computer-delivered test taker

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