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I joined Prime Tutorial a little before my NID entrance examinations and within a short time, I was well versed with the curriculum. My coach, Mr Soni, is very focus in teaching and he even stays up to an hour after class for us to clear all our doubts with him! Knowing that students can be shy about raising questions, he will sometimes get the whole class to close their eyes and ask who do not understand a question to raise their hands. After which, he will spend time to go through it. I truly appreciate his dedication!”

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Preparing students for India’s best colleges in Design , Fashion and Law was pioneered in Kolkata by PRIME in the year 1992. Nothing more, nothing less! If you aim for the top ranked Design and Law colleges in India and Abroad your first destination should always be PRIME.

Our core belief stems from our multi decade experience of sending scores of student into the best design colleges of the country and globe. We do not believe in brandishing numbers to showcase our success. The sheer volume of students in each design college of India is ample testimony of our effort behind each student.