Our Vision

Prime tutorials came into existence to help each and every student. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. Through personalised and focused teaching processes, our students develop the strategies they need for current success in their fields of study.

The ethos of Prime Tutorials is to recognize the potential in every student and provide the highest quality of education to help them succeed. We are here to help our students achieve their full academic potential using unique teaching methods. Our teachers consist of qualified teachers, professionals and current undergraduates. We believe that learning a subject from different perspectives allows a student to thoroughly understand the topic. We do not sell dreams; rather we help our students to work towards them.

Our main goal at Prime Tutorial is to ensure that we can create an environment that will be inspiring to our students and can provide them with the confidence and enthusiasm to attain the highest possible results. Our teachers are experienced, highly academic and strive to offer the best quality education. The environment, pedagogy and processes at Prime Tutorials are very effective and have proved to give positive results

We live up to our Motto at Prime Tutorial which is “Making Sure No Student is Left Behind.”

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Welcome to PRIME

Preparing students for India’s best colleges in Design , Fashion and Law was pioneered in Kolkata by PRIME in the year 1992. Nothing more, nothing less! If you aim for the top ranked Design and Law colleges in India and Abroad your first destination should always be PRIME.

Our core belief stems from our multi decade experience of sending scores of student into the best design colleges of the country and globe. We do not believe in brandishing numbers to showcase our success. The sheer volume of students in each design college of India is ample testimony of our effort behind each student.